Osaka Minoo Park

Minoo Park in Osaka is a MUST GO !!! Though one must be prepared for about an hour walk from start till end with the end point climax as the 33m tall Minoo Waterfall! This should hardly pose any problems to abled adults, but for those with children, ice-cream at the end point could be quite a motivation for them 😛

The Best Time to go should be Autumn as you can see from the photos of the exceptional autumn colors that are so mesmerizing and  picture-perfect. The park can be easily reached by train via Hankyu Minoo Line to Minoo Station.

If anyone is into collecting colourful leafs, this is the place 🙂 Pretty little maple tree leafs that you can pick up that is green, yellow, orange, red and in-between colors that is really a wonder!

IMG_2192  IMG_2124What’s really exceptional here is really enjoying the traditional Japanese structures and buildings, temples, winding Minoo river amidst beautiful autumn-colored trees in a back-to-the-past setting of the Meiji period. It’s really zen-tranquility and beauty of nature at its best!

IMG_2256 Osaka, Minoo Park_Autumn Colors_1

If anyone managed to catch some nice photos of these place during Spring with all the wonderful cherry blossoms, do share with me the wonderful part that  I have missed out 😉