Monkey Mountain @ Arashiyama

[“If you want to look at the world through the scope, look at me first”, says the Monkey King]
Yes, that is the monkey park located at Mt. Arashiyama, about 15min walk from Torroko Saga Station, past Togetsukyo Bridge to the “World of the Monkeys”. While it is unfortunate that I have been as close as 1.2km to this amazing place, I didn’t set foot on it :/  … What can I say lol, just don’t make my mistake hahaha! And most of all, I would like to thank Golden Diamond for allowing me to re-blog her article so that others visiting Arashiyama for the natural beauty there, won’t miss out this treasure among others.

[I am looking at you … and I can smell the food in your backpack …]
They will be looking at you everywhere, every step you take … they are just above you on the branches, behind the tree trunks, everywhere just a step beyond the shadows … They will be sniffing you out for food, that is food that you might have brought as your own snacks …hahah

Yes, these are wild, untamed macaques, native to Japan, also called “Snow Monkey”. While it is definitely not as scary as I made it to be, nevertheless, caution precedes interaction with wild animals and there are some basic rules for visitors to follow:

  • Don’t stare in an aggressive manner to a monkey looking at you. This is definitely a way to provoke their aggressive traits.
  • Keep your hands to yourself and refrain from touching. Don’t look at this little critters as smaller and weaker than us. When they bite, it’s gonna be nasty.
  • And don’t feed them outside designated areas which would encourage them to test their boundaries with human visitors for food.

[Park staff spreading the feed to the wild macaques at designated timings]
Oh yes … the monkeys like to be fed, and they are almost perpetually hungry for food, and I wonder why? And for once, the human is within the cage to feed, with the monkeys roaming freely. That is a different perspective for a change. And boy, do these monkeys move lightning fast to grab the food off the human hands.

[Steve feeding the monkey from within the designated feeding hut]
And if one is lucky, the native macaque might just grace your camera to take a photo with you 🙂

(Psss … there is a little secret to tis that I am not gonna tell you. If you want to know how to invite a snow macaque to take a photo with you, check out the link below for the original article from ~ Golden Diamond ~)

[The monkey boss sits on the Monkey Throne to grace this photograph]
Original Source from : Monkey Mountain Japan


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